Ever wanted to become a professional wedding or fashion photographer? Design College Australia’s intensive 1-year diploma course will give you the skills, confidence and experience you need to take on any photography project.

Work as a professional photographer or take on the world as a traveling freelancer. We won’t just teach you how to take a photography, we will teach you how to make it. Our mentors understand the industry – because they are the industry.

CUA50915 Diploma of
Photography and Photo Imaging

Max Tuition Fee: $15,040
Course code: CUA50915
Duration: 3 Trimesters (1 year FT)
Full Time Duration- 45 weeks, 2 days per week

Intakes: March, June & October
VET Student Loans available: Yes*
*limited spaces

Subject Areas


CUA50915 Diploma of
Photography and Photo Imaging

Max Tuition Fee: $15,040
Course code: CUA50411
Duration: 3 Trimesters (1 year)
Intakes: March, May, October
Delivery: Full Time
VET Student Loans available: Yes*
*Limited spaces

Full Time
The full-time course runs 2.5 days per week, plus 1 week-end workshop per trimester. The full-time course takes 3 trimesters (1 year to complete).

Trimester 1

The course starts off by unpacking your camera and equipment, learning foundation camera craft and understanding the terminology associated with contemporary digital image-making.
In the early stages of the course you will obtain a solid understanding of the building blocks to mastering and understanding exposure via a good knowledge of aperture, shutter speed and ISO and the way in which they are all controlled to build a technically sound image. Along with the technical knowledge you will develop and eye for composition by applying the principles of good composition. You’ll learn the building blocks of colour, colour systems and you’ will undertake the process of colour management by producing your images in on our on campus digital printers. Trimester one will see you embark on an introduction to wedding photography. After the completion of this 13 week trimester your creative appetite will have been well and truly whetted. white textwhite textwhite textwhite textwhite textwhite textwhite textwhite textwhite textwhite textt

Trimester 2

The second trimester of the diploma course will build on the skills you’ have developed in the first trimester. You will move beyond available light settings with an introduction to studio photography and the use of electronic flash. The use of photographic flash equipment combined with an understanding of studio equipment to control carefully crafted lighting setups. You’ll undertake portraiture photography experimenting with high key and low key lighting effects and you’ll be introduced to the process of working with make-up and hair stylists in the creation of commercial standard domestic images. At the completion of this second trimester, you will be using your skills to undertake studio fashion sessions and domestic portraits in which you will have the confidence and knowledge to earn money from your newly developed skills. By this stage of the course you will be entirely confident with both your equipment and the management of studio equipment. white textwhite textwhite textwhite textwhite textwhite textwhite textwhite textwhite textwhite 

Trimester 3

Out of the studio and on location. In the final trimester you will take your studio knowledge and equipment on location, with projects such as fashion assignments and look book image-making. You will combine your knowledge of available light balanced with studio flash to create truly commercial digital images. This location based work will see projects such as a  family study on location and a photo essay comprising photo journalistic approaches to your location work . This final stage of the course will see you developing a stable of stock images for commercial sale along with building a body of work around your particular area of interest. Under a creative expression study unit, you will work on a selection of artistic photography projects. The course concludes with a human body study titled form and Landscape. This is a pure art  based project providing opportunities to give creative expression to the human form. Trimester three includes the creation of a portfolio of your work so that you are equipped and qualified to turn your interest in photography into a commercial reality.

All photographs in this gallery are the work of Design College students either for College projects, personal or professional projects or inclass exercises.

This is a short video of a photography shoot in action.  The photographer is Design College graduate, and renowned fashion photographer, Henryk Lobaczewski shooting for Cloud 9.

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