we're unique

At Design College Australia we understand what it really means to be a professional photographer or graphic designer. We’ve been there! Creatives see the world differently. Our unique and immersive environment opens our students’ eyes to the possibilities around them.

we're in the business

We’ve been around for over 20 years and we’ve built strong relationships with industry bodies and local employers, which has helped to kick start our graduates’ careers. We also contribute to the creative community by hosting professional development and networking events, which students are encouraged to attend. You never know who you’ll meet.

what makes us different

We specialise in graphic design and digital photography – and we are great at what we do. Our lecturers have many years experience in their areas of expertise. They are passionate about it and it shows. Our guest lecturers are the best at what they do and love to share their knowledge with our students.

Design College Australia is part of the Pragmatic Education Group. You can read more about it here on this press release.

Design College Australia has built its approach to everything it does and everyone it touches on the cultural platform of a smile in the mind. Our students participate in a learning experience that is as much about life as it is about graphic design and photography.  We believe that our students’ tie with us needs to be memorable for all the right reasons.  Therefore wit humour and some serious fun are the added ingredients learning experience.

Contact Design College Australia get in touch with our course advisor on 07 3505 6250 or [email protected]

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